Endura T20s

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Prism T20S coils have a long life expectancy, but they will wear out – typically after 1 to 3 weeks, depending on your e juice formula and vaping frequency. Replacement Innokin T20S coils are very affordable, and widely available in online and high-street vape stores. A worn-out coil can be lifted-out and replaced in just a few minutes. No special tools or technical skills are needed for a quick, simple coil switch. Along with your product warranty and a ‘Quick Start Guide’, you’ll also find a USB charging cable in your Endura T20S vaping starter kit. Any handy PC or laptop can be used to charge the kit’s built-in battery. The Green, Orange or Red light behind the Fire button gives a clear indication of your remaining battery power.

The Endura T20S device is only available with a 1500mAh battery.This stylish vaping starter kit is available with choice of Black or Silver plain finishes, or a non-slip rubberised finish in Grey, Purple, Blue or Red.

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