Lemon Twist

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Bragð | Green No. 1

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Lemon Twist

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Green No. 1

Purple No. 1 - Blueberry fruit extracts are mixed with lemon flavoring to produce a unique and memorable burst of flavor.

Pink No. 1 - A delicious flavor that features lemon extracts, which brings to mind your favorite summertime drink.

Pink 0° - Pink lemon extracts inspired by a favorite summertime drink gets a punch of fruit flavors and menthol for a chilled effect.

Green No. 1 - Flavor extracts of sweet honeydew melons and juicy cantaloupes combine to create a delicious e-liquid taste.

Crimson No. 1 - Vine-ripe strawberry flavors are perfectly mixed with lemon extracts to create a dazzling e-liquid taste like no other.

Blend No. 1 - Your taste buds will get an amazing punch of flavor from the exotic tropical fruit extracts, which are blended to perfection.

Yellow Peach - Vape sweet ripe peaches, blended with freshly squeezed lemonade. Peach Blossom is the perfect mixture of tangy and sweet, it’s every peach loving vaper’s treat!

Wild Red - Sweet watermelon and tart lemonade are sure to make your taste buds go wild.

Red No. 1 - This flavor is designed for every watermelon lover who thinks their taste buds need a little twist! This juicy, savory watermelon vape provides an ultra-smooth experience on each inhale and gives you the feeling that life is an endless summer. 

Chilled Remix - Keep your mouth watering and taste buds tingling with this blend of sweet watermelon and cool menthol.

Crisp Apple Smash - What kind of flavor do you get when you combine the crisp and tart flavors of a bunch of different apples? You get the absolutely smashing vape flavor that is the Crisp Apple Smash!

Sweet And Sour - The light flavors of watermelon are hard to nail down, but the master mixologist behind the renowned Twist E-Liquids flavors brings out the best of both of these complex flavors. This gives vapers a rewarding vape blend that slowly evolves on their palates. 

Pepino Lemonade - Pepino Twist is the perfectly balanced blend of flavors that you have come to know and love - the light and cool taste of muddled cucumbers, paired with the tart flavor of lime juice - layered with an icy twist to take your tastebuds on a flavorful journey that will remind you of all the things you love. This unique flavor blend takes inspiration from the elements of a classic Pepino drink, and delivers refreshingly delicate notes of cucumber and lime.

Triple Melon - Triple Melon combines the juicy flavors of fresh cantaloupe melons, honeydew, and watermelon in a subtle manner that gives rise to an irresistible new flavor experience meant to cater to every melon lover’s dreams.

Triple Red - a fresh, unique blend of your favorite fruits that can be sourced from your local farmers market. Tart, sweet, and bold, these fruity flavors are deftly mixed together to reinvent this special creation. 

Purple Grape - Similar to the unique and alluring flavor of our recent fan favorite, Berry Medley Lemonade, the berry-infused flavor of Grape Berry Mix is also set to become one of your vape staples. This flavor is a decadent blend of flavors that draw inspiration from ripened grapes, fresh strawberries, and supple blueberries. 

Cocktail Blend - Just as the name suggests, Fruit Cocktail from Twist E-Liquids is an eclectic and mouthwatering blend of some of your favorite fruit flavors. This excellent vape blend combines the flavors of fresh strawberries, juicy raspberries, exotic kiwi, and delicate watermelon to name a few. It’s challenging to make a vape flavor that features all of these elements without having one overpower the other, but the master mixologist from Twist E-Liquids always gets the job done.

Dragonthol - This icy blend of cool menthol and tart dragonfruit is designed to excite and stimulate your taste buds in the best way possible. Enjoy this satisfying rush of flavor.

Pampaya - The full notes of juicy pomegranate and rich papaya are carefully blended together to create a mouth-watering flavor unlike any other you’ve ever tasted.

Strawberry Honey Graham - Inhale the taste of delicious strawberry jam, slathered over a flavorful graham cracker, and topped with a golden honey drizzle.

Space No. 1 - Embrace an out of this world mixture of strawberry and kiwi that pops and rocks. This otherworldly vape will excite your taste buds and blast you off to another level of sweet flavor. 

White No. 1 - A delightfully tasty pineapple flavor, with a hint of sour undertones, this gummy treat is sure to provide a vape experience you’ll never forget.

Rainbow No. 1 - A taste of this rainbow is a mash-up of colorful fruit flavors with a burst of sour at the finish.

Tobacco Silver No. 1 - Light-bodied flavor of tobacco is perfect for tobacco lovers who want just a hint taste of tobacco balanced with a sweet finish.

Tobacco Gold No. 1 - Medium-bodied tobacco flavor is mild yet complex and sweet to provide a satisfying taste.

Tobacco Platinum No. 1 - Full-bodied flavor of tobacco is expertly mixed and gives a full taste of sweet tobacco.


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