The One

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The One Strawberry:

Fresh-baked strawberry doughnut, crispy fruit cereal, with a splash of cold milk. You’ll make it The One for you, from morning to midnight!

The One Lemon Crumble Cake:

A delightful blend of oven fresh donuts topped with crunchy sweet cereal and juicy blueberries, drenched in smooth refreshingly creamy ice-cold milk for a fruity milky pastry vape.

The One Apple Cinnamon: 

The One Apple Cinnamon is a cereal mixture of apple and cinnamon sure to satisfy your autumn cravings. It has the delicious, melt in your mouth flavor of a fresh apple cinnamon doughnut dipped in creamy, sweet milk. Let this blend become your ONE Fall day vape.

The One Creamy Lemon Crumble Cake:

A blend of sweet, zesty lemon pound cake, buttery crumble topping and creamy icing, this Lemon Crumble Cake is The One you don’t want to miss!

The One Marshmellow Milk:

The One Marshmallow Milk is a silky sweet marshmallow blended with creamy fresh milk and dusted with warm spiced cinnamon for a true tastebud tickler of a vape juice.



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